News…new shows added!

We are in the new theater and shows are going well.  The summer schedule has been readjusted for July and August…we have added shows on several Tuesdays and Fridays.  Check the schedule!

In Keystone, South Dakota, for the summer of 2015!

    The “grand magic” of Duane and Mary Laflin has been seen on five continents, in eighteen countries of the world and in forty-seven of the fifty states in the USA.  Now their show is located in Keystone, South Dakota, within view of the Mt Rushmore monument.  Joining them in the show is Princess Sara and other magical friends.

 Keystone 4 JPEG

   Have a great day touring the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.  Finish it off with a magical experience for the entire family.  Laugh, clap and cheer as amazing things take place.  Enjoy the positive uplifting style of Duane Laflin and company.


Astonishing tricks, impossible illusions, beautiful costumes, fascinating choreography and a powerful musical score make Grand Magic a spectacular production…appreciated by audiences of all ages!


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